The biggest reason behind unemployment in many places is due to the lack of information among the job seeker as well as employer. People who are unemployed either think that they are not capable of doing anything or they thing there is scarcity of job.

But the thing is that we have plenty of jobs  everywhere in Myanmar, only thing is missing is the enrollment of such talented and educated people with an employment agency. Hcmsolution in Yangon is one the talent acquisition company who provides employment to people. Our main motive is to abridge the gap between employer and job seeker. So that no talent gets wasted.

Our Employment Agency in Yangon, Myanmar assists employer and HR teams with their recruitment process, so that they get the right  and deserving candidates for their firm. We have maintained a different approach for both employee and employer.

While working for an employer :-

  • We understand the requirement of the company through our experienced professional
  • According to the current market situation we calculate and suggest the ideal number of employees for a particular company
  • We search the people with the exact skills that is required
  • We keep our doors open for any feedback that come to our way

And while working for employees-

  • First thing we do is digging people`s mind to take out their area of interest thorough counseling
  • Then try to know how much capable they are in their respective field
  • Then predict what salary should one get
  • Place them at the right place with the right salary with the proper recruitment process