Different kinds of apps have made our life easier, so we are here with one more innovative app for the people who are seeking job, yes you guessed it right we provide innovative HR apps, which makes HR lives easier by digitizing business processes.

HR apps on Mobile Devices in Yangon is a game changer  for the one who belongs to HR sector in Yangon and who has to manage each and every employee details .Our HR apps like:

  • Employee Management (HRIS)
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Expenses Claim Management

And many more helps in maintaining every records in one intuitive which is not only a time saver but also very cost effective. This HR appoffers a cloud based solution, which combines services like payroll and benefits, talent management and many more services.

Every day, many companies are being benefitted with our app. We come up with this HR app idea to match the requirement of many companies and to deal with the ever-changing demands and challenges faced by the recruiters. Through this app, one can easily generate all the data about one’s employee, from their address to their arrival and dispersal time.