Have you ever wondered what salary you deserve to get against what are you getting? Then you are at the right place, we are the representative of a global compensation and rewards organization. Here, we príict the exact salary one deserves to get, not only this we also suggest which company is best for an individual. We are the best job evaluation and salary survey representative in Yangon, we help people in getting job of their interest with handsome salary. Our experts at hcmsolution have a vast experience in career counseling and works 24/7 to provide world class service to our clients. People often get confused in choosing their counselor and risk their career. These are some features we have and one should look into their consular.

  • Analyzing the skills of their customer and accordingly making list of probable employer
  • Evaluation of job by contacting people from the respective company
  • Predicting the exact salary one should get according to their experience and skills
  • Providing opportunity to their client so that they can speak up and not imposing their idea in them.
  • Satisfaction level of the people who have taken service before

Everything mentioned above has been maintained in our company, so that people could be benefitted out of this.