The recent global crisis has created chaotic situation among companies which has resulted in shredding of jobs. Though this has given some financial relieve to company but has also led to high level of unemployment and again this unemployment led to more negative growth. People with high skill have to sit ideal for months which is also not good for the emerging nation like Malaysia.

So, keeping this in mind we have come up with the idea of outplacement service in Yangon for the people who got affected by this retrenchment. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge of current market scenario and accordingly provide jobs for the people as per their respective skills. We have been constantly maintaining our eyes on the trends of the market and on the growth rate fluctuation, which has helped us to know which sector and at what time need employees. Our working style is based on following features.

  • Market research
  • Employer`s history of recruitment
  • Reviews from the current as well as former employees
  • Making list of probable companies where our client is suitable

With the experience we have and the kind of style we follow, we guarantee that our client will never go empty handed.